Lance Moore

Now that you’ve been on the field without Drew Brees at practices how different is it, how bizarre is it and what are your feelings on it?

“Of course it’s going to be a little different not having our leader, our guy out there, but I think that Chase (Daniel) is doing a great job.  Especially a guy that hasn’t gotten many reps, especially many reps with the first team guys. He’s learning, we’re trying to bring him along, he’s trying to bring us along. Our goal is to just get a little better each and every day and I think he’s doing it.


With Robert Meachem gone, there is definitely a job opening. What do you tell those guys that are fighting for that position?

“I think the easiest thing to tell them is don’t count numbers. I think Curtis Johnson did a great job of us years and years ago of telling us that same thing. Once you look ahead as a young guy ahead of you and try to count bodies, and try to figure out who fits in where, I think you can kind of get lost in that and lose focus on a little bit on what’s important and  that’s each of these guys getting a little bit better and showing their skills off. I think we have tremendous group. I think we’ve got a lot of guys that could help us offensively and that’s going to be up to them to make those plays out there.”


Is Chase Daniel demanding you guys to run those practice type routes that Drew Brees used to?

“We did today. I think the last couple of days he wanted to save our legs a little bit. I think we’ll continue to do that the last day each week to get a few reps after practice. It kind of felt like old times again out there. It’s different obviously without number 9 out there but to get those extra reps can do nothing but help us in these practices here coming up.”


How disappointing or detrimental is it given what you guys have gone though, to not have Drew here?

“Drew is our guy.  Not to go into contract talks or anything like that but the guy deserves whatever he wants, in my book. And until he gets that obviously we’ll be disappointed. But we can’t stop our work. We can’t let that affect what we are doing here. When Drew eventually gets his deal done, he’ll be ready and we’ll be ready for him. Hopefully it will be just like old times.”


You think that based on what he has done here; you think he deserves to be the highest paid player in the game?

“Absolutely, he’s done things in this game that have never been done before. I mean obviously we set the record in passing yards last year. That’s something that goes along with this game that we have. We definitely throw the ball around a little bit out there but speaking from a guy that six or seven or so years ago, didn’t know if he was going to finish a season again and to do the things that he’s done, to break the records that he’s broken, to win the Super Bowl and even more so than football, to bring a region back and give a region hope, I think the man deserves the world. So with that being said, when he gets it, I will be just as excited as he is.”


He’s made guys like you in the locker room a lot more money too right?

“Absolutely, you definitely can’t take all of the credit for yourself. When you play with a guy like that, I say it all the time, he makes it easy for you to go out there and play. You don’t have to worry about any extra things. You don’t have to worry about if he is going to be on target or if he is going to be on time. You just know that the way that he prepares and the way that he studies teams, he is going to be right on target and on point, and we’re free to just go out there and play ball.”


We talked about Chase Daniel getting the chance to work with first team and his organization. Vice versa, you guys haven’t had a lot of time with him. How much more confident are you guys getting in him and his abilities?

“It’s easy for us to come out here, like we did the previous three weeks and throw balls on air all day. Any athletic guy can go out there and do that a little bit. But once we get out here with this defense, especially a new defense that we haven’t seen before. You can see that he makes some throws and he gets excited back there, but he can’t get too excited. One play is one play and this is OTA’s. The more and more we see him the more and more we like him. I think the sky is the limit.”