Drew Brees

Can you talk about the San Diego defense?

“They make a lot of plays.  You turn on last week’s game against Kansas City where they get five turnovers in the first half and you say, man they’re just a bunch of ball hawks.  They’re getting their helmet on the ball in the run game so balls are popping out everywhere and then obviously being disruptive in the pass game.  They have some really good players there in the secondary and do a great job of getting pressure on the quarterback through their pressure schemes and then sometimes with just their base four-man rush in sub nickel situations, pass situations.  (They’re) really a very sound defense that does a lot of good things.”


Can you talk about how you compartmentalize the individual achievement you’re going for on Sunday night to the team aspect?

“I very much try to compartmentalize it.  I think about doing my job and doing whatever it takes to just win and typically that other stuff just takes care of itself.”


Do you talk about the award and how significant it would mean to you?

“No, I have being that we tied it last week and I got asked about it quite a bit.  But now that the work week has begun, I’ve really tried to leave it out there and obviously hope that we accomplish it.  I think it’s tremendous, but at the same time I need to focus on my job and whatever it takes to help us win, and then if we break the record in the process then that’s great.”


Have you met Joe Unitas before and can you talk about the letter he sent you?

“I have not met him, but I did see the letter obviously yesterday.  I saw it posted online and then he actually sent it to me here at the facility.  I actually responded back to him by email today.  I’ve never met him in person.  I look forward to meeting him.  Obviously, it’s a very classy move.  (It’s) something he certainly didn’t have to do, but I think not only that but what he said in the letter, talking about what his father stood for and would’ve cared about, and the fact that a lot of the off the field stuff is even more important than the on the field accomplishments.  So that was a very nice thing for him to do.”


The rules back then and now are very different.  How do you think you would’ve played in the 1950s era?

“What’s interesting is you watch guys like Johnny U and some of the highlight films, and watching the way he threw the ball during that era was pretty unbelievable.  He really revolutionized the game and the quarterback position.  I always like looking at the pictures, kind of like the posed pictures from those days, so I always imagine doing one of those poses.  Certainly his accomplishments speak for themselves and (those of) his Baltimore Colts teams.  That was the heyday and what helped really kind of pave the way for what we have now.”


You’ve had a lot more attempts than he did, so you’ve had more opportunities.

“Right, it just goes to show how good he was.”


Aaron Kromer said something about you guys having your climbing shoes on to climb this mountain.  As a leader of this team, what do you tell your team to keep them upbeat and not let them get too down?

“I think you always have to stay encouraging and certainly positive.  This isn’t where we wanted to be.  The bottom line is did you win or lose, and we lost.  We’re 0-4.  So you have to face reality a little bit, but when you go through times like this, you also have to find the positive and find the things you can build on.  We have gotten better each week, there’s no doubt about it, in so many ways.  Unfortunately, in a few of these games it’s been just a matter of finishing.  We have to finish the game the way that we know how, the way that we’ve done many times in the past.  We’ve had our moments throughout the course of the game.  It’s never going to be perfect, but when you have the opportunities to win it, you have to win it.”