Aaron Kromer

Opening statement: “I just talked to you last night about the game and I still feel the same way where it was a great effort by our guys. When I say effort, their hearts and souls were in the game to outhit and outplay this team. We went up to Lambeau Field, which is always a tough situation. At the end of the game, we had a situation where we had a chance to win it. That’s all you can ask for when you’re at a place like Lambeau against a team like Green Bay is (to) have a chance to win at the end, have a chance to make a play to win the game. Our offense I thought adjusted well. Drew (Brees) was on fire. We were completing a lot of passes and moving the ball up and down with almost 500 yards of offense. There were two times in the red zone we stalled and didn’t get touchdowns and that’s something we have to fix. We have plenty of plays that we felt would score in those situations and we called them. They weren’t quite executed to the point that we felt we needed them to and we were stopped. Defensively, the bright side was the two turnovers, getting the ball back for us was really big. Brodrick Bunkley did a nice job of knocking the center back on the goal line situation and caused a fumble on the handoff. There’s a bright side there, but if you really study our football team, you would go back like I and our staff has and look at the last four games. You would obviously say that 0-4 is not where we want to be and anywhere near acceptable, but as you look at it, as we adjusted well to this situation moving on, week one, we didn’t look very good. Week two, we started to look a little better. Week three, we played three good quarters and had a great chance to win that game and didn’t because we didn’t make the plays in the critical times. This game, obviously came down to (playing) at Lambeau (with) a chance to win. Our offense has adjusted and done a good job of getting back on track and getting to a point of where we should have and could have won that game. Credit Green Bay, they played well and they have a very talented team, but you can see the progress. Obviously it’s not good enough, because we didn’t win, but the progress is there and we are adjusting well to the situation, but we have to adjust a little better. I keep saying that each week. If you are looking at it, that’s the way I see it.”


Was this loss easier to take?

“No loss is easy to take, but you can see more positives and so you would have more of a brighter outlook on the future. We really feel that we’re on the cusp of getting on a roll.”


Are there any solutions to getting a better pass rush and more sacks?

“We need to have a better pass rush period. We need to get more pressure on their quarterback.”


Are there personnel or scheme solutions?

“We’ve had four man rushes and tried to cover and we’ve had blitzes that have not gotten to them. We’ve tried both avenues. We obviously have to try to get better and feel better about the plan as a player and execute it better.”


Have you talked to Steve Spagnuolo about altering personnel or tweaking schemes?

“As I spoke the first day I came up here, this is a we game. This is a we situation. We are working together as a group and as an organization to get these things fixed. As I also said, the defense is coaching the defense. Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) has the defense, Greg McMahon has the special teams and Pete Carmichael is coaching the offense. I have an offensive line to coach. I motivate the team and we work as a group in all the other areas.”


How much does it come down to players executing a little better?

“In the history of Steve Spagnuolo as we’ve talked in the past, he has made little tweaks. If you would watch the defense, see the way they tweak and the way they align or execute the defense, there are little tweaks in each formation or each thing that the offense does. That’s where his defense has been good in the past and that’s what we have to get better at of understanding that clearly so we can execute what he wants done.”


Was not running the ball as much a product of Drew Brees having the hot hand a little bit?

“It really was. We ran it 19 times and not very effectively, but at the same time it took a little pressure off of Drew when we did it and that’s the goal and at the same time, Drew was so hot, it made no sense not to put the ball in his hands.”