Aaron Kromer

Opening statement: Turk McBride, left ankle, did not practice. David Hawthorne, hamstring, did not practice. Jonathan Casillas, neck, did not practice. Everybody else was full.”


What are your thoughts on the officials?

“I’d love to have a lot of thoughts on that but I have plenty of things to think about myself. All we are worried about right now is how we are getting better and how we are going to win a game and go up to Green Bay and have our best performance. I really don’t have any comment on any officials.”


After reviewing the tape, looking at Green Bay, what are some of the things that you see that you can exploit offensively?

“They’re a very talented group. We went up there last year in the first game of the season and we had a pretty productive day. We got down early and came back. Drew (Brees) did a nice job of passing the ball around and getting us back in the game and we have to go up there with our best effort.”

How much of a green light does Darren Sproles have returning kicks from the end zone?

“When you see elite returners around the league, and I consider Darren Sproles an elite returner, they’re going to take it from nine yards deep now. Moving the (kickoff) line up, you’re going to get the ball deeper and Darren has had his fair share of bringing it past the 20 (yard line). We have to continue to do a good job blocking for him. We feel like Darren can take one to the house and it’s important that he has opportunities to do it.”


How much of a difference does it make starting that much deeper? You want to get to at least the 20?

“We obviously do. Like I said, there is going to be a fair amount of them that he gets past the 20 and you just have to take that chance, at times, that he might not get to the 20. We have to make up for it offensively.”


Pierre Thomas said the other day that you guys came back on Monday and it was very important to just get rid of everything that happened and just start over. Have you guys done a good job of that?

“No, you can’t get rid of everything. You have to look at what’s gone wrong and what the problem has been. Obviously, mentally, you have to put the frustration behind you so you can have positive energy to do the right thing. We definitely have to learn from the past so we can carry on in the future and have more success. We are doing that. Everyone has to hold each other accountable and we need to hold ourselves accountable to get our jobs done.”


What is you sense of the player’s attitude after returning from a two days off?

“What we have seen, today, as I say one day in a row, (is) determination. You see guys concentrating. You see a fast practice today. We were outside and they did a nice job. We took the pads off so they could play fast and be fresh. The defense had a lot of reps in the last game and we want to be as fresh as we can be going to Green Bay.”


What is your message to them about putting it all behind them and moving on?