Aaron Kromer

Opening statement: “Today, at practice, we had Turk McBride, ankle, didn’t practice. Jonathan Casillas, knee, didn’t practice. Drew Brees, ankle, was full. Roman Harper, wrist, was full. Marques Colston, foot, was limited. Johnny Patrick was full with his right thigh. Devery Henderson was full after his concussion. We had a couple of roster moves. We waived Jerome Murphy and signed Elbert Mack. We terminated, from injured reserve, wide receiver Adrian Arrington. It was a good practice today, we played fast. Guys are into it. They realize that we are playing one game at a time and it’s all focus on just this week.”


Devery Henderson has been cleared to play?

“Devery looks good, yes. He is practicing full-go and has been cleared to go.”


Is Pierre Thomas not talked about enough as far as making things go offensively?

“Like I said after the game, he is under-appreciated at times and, obviously, that was a time. It went un-talked about a little bit because of the final outcome of the game. Pierre Thomas has always been a productive runner. He has always been an elusive runner. He has been, over the years I have been here for sure, and Sean (Payton) has been here, a very good running back for us.”


What does he do differently running where he is able to spin off tacklers that would bring a normal running back down?

“His best attribute is his balance. He can get in awkward positions and stay up where a lot of guys would fall down.”


What specific adjustments need to be addressed for why this team is 0-2?

“Specifically, offensively, we talked about it this morning. You have to know why teams are winning and why teams are losing and the number one stat we look at is turnovers. If you look at it, we have four turnovers and we have no takeaways. You look at the Kansas City Chiefs, they have six turnovers and no takeaways and both teams are going in here 0-2 because of it. That’s not all on the person that turns it over. That’s a team effort there whether its blocking, catching, running the right route or getting the right depth, playing the defense fast enough or getting pressure on the quarterback. That’s a team stat when a lot of people look at it as an individual stat and it’s not.”


How does being 0-2 affect the mindset of your players?

“We are not used to being 0-anything. This is a winning organization. It has been a winning organization and we are going to take it back to that. This is unchartered territory for all of us. All we can do is worry about this one week and worry about this practice and this day and how we are getting better individually. Look in the mirror, don’t point fingers, and move on.”


How is different preparing for Matt Cassel instead of the other two quarterbacks you have faced (Robert Griffin III and Cam Newton)?

“It’s more of a traditional NFL offense, you would say that. It would be like practicing against us in training camp if you were our defense, I would think. Very similar style of running and passing. (They have) A very talented group.”