New Orleans Property Owners Challenge Assessments
Orleans Parish residents lined up at City Hall on Monday to challenge Assessor Erroll Williams' latest round of property assessments.

This was the first time since Hurricane Katrina that rebuilt properties have been assessed at their current values.

Roughly one in five Orleans Parish properties saw a change.

"Some got increases, some got decreases, depending on size, physical condition, and what we saw from the field," Williams said.

For many residents, like Eric Forchia, the tax increase on his mother's property came as a shock.

"The exemption was only like $50, now it's $1100, one thousand-one hundred and six, or so dollars. I think that's very inappropriate," Forchia said.

Williams said his office will continue discussing the disputes with residents through August 15.

Any person with a dispute can find residential or commercial forms on the assessor's website,