Cameos by President-elect Barack Obama

and Vice President Dick Cheney have brought star power to a

hurricane-delayed battle between Democrats and Republicans for an

up-for-grabs U.S. House seat.

Obama recorded a radio ad to help Democrat Paul Carmouche, while

Cheney helped with fundraising and GOP up-and-comer Gov. Bobby

Jindal helped with a television ad for Republican candidate John


Saturday's election in Louisiana's 4th Congressional District

will determine who replaces U.S. Rep. Jim McCrery, a 10-term

Republican who's retiring from Congress. The election was pushed

back to December after Hurricane Gustav delayed party primaries

that had been set for early September.

"The Democrats desperately want to go out on a winning note,"

said St. Francisville political analyst Mike Smith. "The

Republicans want desperately to retain this seat so they can say

they didn't have any additional slippage going into 2009."

The race is one of two for Congress on the Saturday ballot in

Louisiana. The other, in the 2nd Congressional District, matches