On North Galvez and St. Louis street in the Lafitte neighborhood is enough to make drivers and neighbors scratch their heads.

"My God.  How many times, must I stop?", a neighbor said.

13 stop signs and 18 yield signs are what's causing the cofusion.  The signs are slowing down traffic, but why so many?

Dana Eness, Executive Director of the Urban Conservancy said the signs are part of an art installation to inform everyone about the new Lafitte Corridor Greenway project.

 The Greenway is being built in 2013.  The Greenway is a hiking and biking trail which will be pedestrian-friendly and provide recreational activities around it.  The Greenway will stretch for 3.1 miles from Lakeview to the French Quarter and all the neighborhoods in between. 

"We wanted to create something really eye-catching.  We wanted when people drive by they would wonder what is going on here," Eness said.

Their hope is drivers and neighbors will stop or yield for just a moment to read about the Greenway project.

"Hopefully people will realize that it's not just art.  It's an opportunity to learn more. It's artsy and weird and hopefully it will get your attention,"  Bart Everson, President of the Friends of Lafitte Corridor said.

All the signs came from the old railroad corridor where the new Greenway's going to be built.

J.O. Evans with FutureProof designed the art installation.

"These materials made the corridor very unique.  Many of the materials found were obviously associated with traffic," he said.

"The shadows, the organization is really like a jazz composition,"  he said.  His company's goal is to make New Orleans more sustainable.

Even though these signs are puzzling for most, a lot of thought went into the art installation.

Sixteen art installations are in the works.  There is currently another installation at Jefferson Davis Parkway.  A third one is planned for Carrolton.