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Madonna Endorsement Is Only Latest Sign of Our Ba-Roquen Culture

The date was October 25th, 1804, after performing a “bring down the ale house” version of Amadeus “Motzart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik”, the Pauper, Minuteman, Dirt Band’s leader yelled at the still cheering crowd “how many of you are registered to vote!? Great, you’re going to go out and vote to re-elect President Jefferson aren’t you!?” The Federalists in attendance booed wildly while the Republicans cheered their approbation.

Now, of course, this never happened and it is impossible to imagine that it could yet no one questions the appropriateness of concert events that double as political forums for the intellectually and morally challenged, like Madonna.

The Material Wench has recently become the recipient of much Who Dat outrage over her endorsement of President Obama at a recent “concert” event in New Orleans. Ignoring the danger posed to healthy brain cells by attending a Madonna show I would ask those who remain offended exactly what they expected Ms Guy Ritchie to do?

Were they expecting an elevation of Motzart’s craft that would satisfy the soul’s need for music? It should go without saying that in our universally politicized society, one would bear witness to a miracle, the stature of The Virgin Mary’s immaculate Conception if politics DIDN’T come up at “concert” performance by a woman who vainly takes the name of said Blessed Mother.

From the Oscars and Grammys to NFL and MLB games, what we call politics these days is inclusive in all these events. Yet I wonder what Jefferson would think of our public, political discussions of topics like unwed mothers, wed mothers who are married to other mothers, the near ubiquitous experience of divorce and the politicizing of Christian charity?

To those who remain offended by Mrs. Ciccone’s remarks I suggest investing in a ticket to the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra’s upcoming Baroque Christmas and withholding funds from the next Madonna display of our ba-roken culture.


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