Last Minute Voting Preps

The Orleans Clerk of Court wants voters to be prepared before they cast ballots tomorrow.
WGNO  caught Clerk of court Arthur Morrell before election day between voting machine delivery and a construction issue at the McCann polling site.
“I’m on my way up now to see if it's going to impede anyone trying to come in and vote,” says Morrell.
Morrell`s office has in place all sealed and certified voting machines, ith back ups, at  127 polling places,
“We have less registered voters but we expect a higher turnout.”
To speed things along he urges voters to educate themselves before voting, “The law allows three minutes to vote, so when you get into the voting booth you won`t have time to read all those constitutional amendments, statues and initiatives.”
Morrell says prepare for crowds, “We have some places may have 12 or 13 precincts at that one polling place.”
A location where the most people are expected to vote is on the West End at Dominic School where close to 10,000 potential voters can cast their ballot.
“Because it's going to be a pretty day, if the lines are long we will break them down to where it would be easy and quicker for people to vote. if everyone could remember their ward and precinct it would be easier.
Because it`s a Federal Election, polls open at 6am and close at 8pm

 Clerk of Court Arthur Morrell says to find out your precinct or polling place for the Nov. 6th election log on to or click below.

or call