Gov. Bobby Jindal and the Louisiana

congressional delegation's list of priorities for the new White

House administration and new Congress centers on hurricane

recovery, health care and energy issues.

They include aid for farmers whose crops were devastated by

hurricanes Gustav and Ike, the removal of red tape for local

governments negotiating with the Federal Emergency Management

Agency about aid from hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and changes to

the Medicaid financing formula for states affected by disasters.

Jindal outlined the priorities Saturday at the Governor's

Mansion after a meeting with several members of the congressional

delegation, one of a regular series of quarterly meetings between

the governor and Louisiana's members of Congress.

The Republican governor talked of coastal restoration and flood

protection needs and opportunities for Louisiana to play a role in

developing nuclear power and alternative energy projects. Also on

the list is a request for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to use

dredging material to help Louisiana rebuild its wetlands, rather

than dumping it into the Gulf of Mexico.