It's time for Drew Brees to break his silence about the Saints "bounty" controversy

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Yesterday, Saints head coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis came clean. At least somewhat.

The braintrust of the Saints admitted they ran a "pay to injure" program that was against NFL rules and that they knew it was, yet did it anyway. They also apologized to team owner Tom Benson, the NFL, and the Saints fans. It's a good start.

Now it's time for the leader of this team on the field to make a statement. I'm talking about beloved quarterback Drew Brees. The Saints signal caller is obviously the face of this franchise, the most significant Saints player in the history of the organization. He's also the most well known Saints player in team history and like E. F. Hutton, when Brees speaks, people listen. 

Lately it been only deafening silence coming out of Brees' camp in San Diego. Besides coming into the city to check on renovations to his uptown house and sell some sandwiches at his fast food joint in Metairie, Brees has not said a word about "bountygate." Not even a tweet. 

Isn't time for the leader of this team to make a statement? Some kind of commment.

We know Brees isn't happy about the franchise tag the team put on him back on Saturday. We also know he will not sign the tender. That's fine, but shouldn't Brees at least let the world know what he thinking about arguably the most agregious violations in NFL history? The silence is deafening.

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