Here's who you should blame for the stiff penalties the Saints face from "Bounty-gate"

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Who's to blame for the stiff penalties inflicted upon our heroes in black and gold?

Is it the NFL? I've heard several New Orleanians say the league is out to get the Saints. They don't like that the team is winning. The league is jealous and wants to keep New Orleans down.

Is this the same league that forbid Saints owner Tom Benson from flirting with the idea of moving his franchise, post-Katrina, to San Antonio?!? I doubt they had anything to do this one.

How about the national media? They have it out for the Saints, right? They don't want the home town team in the Super Bowl in their own stadium. Never happened before, don't want it happening now, right? Wrong.

The national media loves a good story, and the Saints becoming the first team in league history to host their own Super Bowl, well that would be a great story.

No, when looking to blame someone, anyone, for the bountygate scandal and the severe penalties that accompanied it, look no further than Saints head coach Sean Payton. He's the first mover, he's the man in charge, and he's the man most responsible for the mess the Saints are in. His cocky, arrogant attitude was one of the reasons the saints went to and won Super Bowl 44. We are grateful. But also that cocky, arrogant attitude is the exact reason bountygate happened and continued to happen after the league said to stop. 

Payton is a very good NFL coach and has a great offensive mind. With that comes a huge ego. And that huge ego helped the Saints become world champions. It also helped Payton become the first coach in NFL history to be suspended. So when looking to blame someone for this mess look no further than the head coach, Sean Payton. He is clearly most responsible.

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