Get the Skinny on All-Natural Energy Shots

It's time to Get the Skinny on all-natural energy shots – which you just may be checking out if you’re going nonstop from this past weekend’s Super Bowl all the way through the next two weeks of Carnival! 

Unlike many other energy drinks and energy shots, these all-natural energy shots also provide other health benefits like probiotics, enzymes, fruit extracts, CoQ10, green name it.

But ‘all natural’ still doesn’t mean ‘safe’…  These energy shots contain no artificial sweeteners or colors, but they’re still high in caffeine & other stimulants, so individuals who are sensitive to caffeine (including those with high blood pressure) should avoid.

(as a frame of reference, a standard cup of coffee has about 100 mg caffeine; a Red Bull has 80 mg caffeine)

Celestial Seasonings Kombucha Natural Energy Shot - $3.99

It's 30 calories with 7 grams sugar and 100 mg caffeine from guarana. It contains an energy blend pf guarana, ginseng, B vitamins, & kombucha tea as well as Kombucha is fermented black tea that contains naturally-occurring enzymes and probiotic cultures.

Dr. Michael Murray's SYNC Wellshots - $3.99

These are 20 calories with 3 grams sugar and 120 mg caffeine from green tea.  In addition to B vitamins it contains an energy blend of tyrosine, taurine, carnitine, Pharma GABA and CoQ10, and an antioxidant blend of grapeseed, mangosteen, green tea, acai, and goji.

Steaz Energy Shot - $2.99

The Steaz Energy Shot contains 35 calories, 9 grams sugars and 150 mg caffeine from guarana, green tea and yerba mate.  In addition to vitamin C and very high doses of B6 and B12, it contains an organic energy blend of green tea, acai, yerba mate, and guarana.

Guayaki Yerba Mate Organic Energy Shot – $3.99

Our final option has 35 calories and 8 grams of sugar with 140 mg of caffeine from yerba mate.  In addition to vitamin C and very high amounts of vitamin B12, it contains an organic energy blend of yerba mate, cocoa, acerola cherry, goji berry, and ginger.