Buddy Roemer spent years in public office serving the citizens of Louisiana. Now he is hoping to serve the nation as Commander in Chief.

"Today I run for president of the United States of America," Roemer said. "I run to prepare America to grow jobs again."

Roemer made the announcement in New Hampshire, where he is now living as he launches his candidacy for president.

"He's not going to worry about Iowa," said Jeff Crouere, a political analyst for WGNO News. "He's going to focus on New Hampshire and Iowa which is a strategy that's controversial and it's the only one he's got."

Last month, Roemer spoke at the Republican Leadership Conference in downtown New Orleans. He spoke about the importance of energy independence, opening up the Gulf for drilling and reducing the deficit.

 "We can do it by reducing spending, 140 billion in five years," Roemer said at the time. "That's one percent a year of the GDP."

The former four-term congressman and one-term governor said he will not take any public financing for his campaign and will only accept individual donations of $100 or less.