For the second time this year former New Orleans Councilwoman and State Rep. Renee Gill Pratt reported to federal court for trial.

Gill Pratt is accused of conspiring with the family of former U.S. Rep. William Jefferson to steal more than a million taxpayer dollars earmarked for charities that they operated.

On Monday morning a courtroom full of potential jurors answered questions about their knowledge of the case and their experience with nonprofit organizations.

At one point tempers flared as Gill Pratt’s attorney Michael Fawer spoke over Judge Ivan Lemelle and continued questioning a potential juror. Lemelle threatened to cite him for unprofessional behavior and took over the questioning process.

In February Gill Pratt escaped conviction on the same charges because of a hung jury. Eleven jurors were reportedly ready to convict her, but one holdout forced a mistrial.

Federal prosecutors vowed then to retry Gill Pratt, a longtime Jefferson protégé and former companion of William Jefferson’s older brother Mose.

Lemelle said he hoped to seat a jury by Tuesday afternoon.