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Election 2012 Can Be Explained By Styx Albums

So the most important election in the history of important elections is over and the winner is... the status quo.  Matter of fact, had the Presidential race turned for Mitt Romney the status quo would have still been victorious with the larceny that is our government being committed by the Republican instead of the Democrat Party’s CEO. Still, every four years, the American sheople are herded into what amounts to a collection of the rock band Styx’s old albums.

We begin with the Grand Illusion that 1 vote out of 120 million actually decides something when it comes to the office of President.

Consider that a sugar cane farmer’s vote in Houma can be cancelled out by a military contractor’s vote in Avondale and the folly of the event begins to unfold.

An even more Illusive action is to be found in voting for Congress, currently LA Congressmen represent over 700,000 constituents and therefore the term “represent” must be used judiciously.

Were Congress to be divided into districts along the population lines adhered to from 1789 to 1929 there would be over 10,000 representatives. This would mean Steve Scalise would represent the people of the Gerard Playground District in Metairie.

All this is indicative of government that leaves fewer Pieces of Eight in the mildly productive pauper’s pockets. You might think that is ok because in exchange you received “free” solar panels on your roof or your kid got dumbed down in an institution of higher cost and lower learning, which you could have paid for with the $20 gold piece you earned, that was left in your hands and not changed for Pieces of Eight.

Looking into my Crystal Ball I see the next year under a re-elected Obama administration about where I would have seen it under Romney with the exception being I will not have to hear that “conservatives did this” when the dollar crashes and the economy tanks because true conservatives are now in search of a republic to call home. Call us Renegades.

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