Dillard Students Protest Trayvon Martin case
Students at Dillard University are outraged over the killing of a Florida teen gunned down by a neighborhood watch volunteer.
The case of Trayvon Martin is moving people here and across the country.
Recent events in the case sparked  students  to rise up and protest on Friday.
"Trayvon Martin was guilty of nothing more than looking suspicious,” said one protester
"it`s just to the point where we can`t take it no more, “said another.
George Zimmerman says he killed martin in self defense. 
911 recordings tell protestors a conflicting story... Of a racial hate crime.  
President Obama spoke on the Trayvon Martin tragedy in personal terms, “And when I think about this boy i think about my own kids. If I had a son he`s look like Trayvon."
Students say this rally is  a wakeup call for the rest of America to know racism is still alive.
About 50 schools in Florida stage walkouts to protest the killing and demand George Zimmerman be arrested.
The chief of police and state attorney have stepped aside.