Man and Woman Arrested for Illegaly Using Monkeys In Street Act

A man and a woman are found guilty of animal cruelty charges after wildlife agents caught them using monkeys in their street act without a permit.


Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries agents say they saw 64-year-old Joan Susanne Newberger (aka Joan S. Poole) and 62-year-old James Wells Poole using four monkeys in an act on Bourbon Street. They say the monkeys were dressed in pirate costumes and touching the public.

The monkeys were taken from the pair, and they will be donated to the Louisiana Purchase Zoo in Monroe.

62, of St. Augustine, Fla, had four monkeys confiscated on Bourbon Street in New Orleans by Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Enforcement Division agents.

Officials say they found evidence of other animal cruelty complains about the couple in three other states.