Cocodrie Considered One of the Best Fishing Towns In Country

Cocodrie is far south Louisiana, almost to the Gulf of Mexico. As you get closer, the houses become higher, and you will see more and more water.

Water is what draws people to the small town, because Cocodrie is known for plentiful fishing.

Right now speckled trout is abundant and Chris Goodwin of Knoxville, Tennessee is here with buddies enjoying the bountiful catch. They come year after year.

"Every year we make this long trip down to"Coco" and having fished all the way down both coasts of Florida, what I find here is not so much touristy stuff  but the fishery can’t be beat. The amount of fish we catch is unrivaled," Goodwin said.

Goodwin was so inspired by his trips to Cocodrie, that he even became a charter captain himself on the fresh waters of Tennessee.

Right now Cocodrie is in the top 5 for "Ultimate Fishing Towns" 2012 for the contest.

Goodwin is not surprised by the growing number of votes. Neither is a group of men from Baton Rouge.

The Louisiana men call themselves "The Deep Sea Fishing Gang". And they are excited by their first trip to Cocodrie.They caught dozens of trout out at Last Island.

"We went out this morning and just caught him right out right away. Went to the first stop and just threw lines out and started jumping all over it and  broke a few lines and we caught over 60 fish and we were very pleased," said Frank Endom.

Charter Captain Lance Schouest knows the waters well. He says right now it's trout, and boats are coming in with lots of it.

 "May, June, July and into the beginning of August, trout are really going to be piling up on that beach and it makes for really really good fishing. Limits are high, 25 a person, and in the last couple of weeks  you know all the boats down here have been limiting out or coming real close to it," Schouest said.

He says the fishing is also good in Cocodrie because of the warm weather year round.

"We can walk around in shorts and sandals and still have a good time and catch fish. I mean we don’t have to be bundled up. And it’s pretty much year round. I mean certain times of the year trout fish is better or red fish may be better, there's always something to do," Schouest said.

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