Auto Part Store Stickup Spree Hits Gretna, Comes with Connection, Cops Now Say
Auto parts store stickup men in the New Orleans Metro area haven't taken their foot off the gas pedal.

An Advance Auto Parts in Gretna was robbed August 9, bringing the total of auto store robberies to 7 from the North Shore to New Orleans since the month of July.

Gretna Police and the Jefferson Parish Sheriff Office have said they're working together to identify and locate a pair of serial robbers thought to have been behind robberies in Gretna, Marrero and other possible locations.

The Gretna crime came around 9PM that Thursday night when two men entered before one politely asked employees to give up the money inside the store.

A person with knowledge of the robbery said one of the gunmen twice said "please" as workers were being held up at gunpoint.

There have been no injuries or shots fired in any of the stickups, which typically include two men--one holding a gun--who generally enter the stores around closing time before commanding clerks to hand over cash from the register and safe.

An August 6 robbery of the Advance Auto at 7150 Westbank Expressway was the second stickup at that location in 9 days and the region's 6th such crime since July, according to officials.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office spokesman, Glen Boyd, said the August 6 robbery happened around 7pm when two men with shirts covering their faces--one of them holding a gun--demanded money from the store's register.

There were no injuries.

Witnesses tell WGNO, the incident took place with three customers inside the business and two employees present.

The robbers were said to have come and gone within three minutes.

Auto parts stores were robbed at gunpoint last month in New Orleans, Marrero and the Covington area.

The July 28 incident came in Marrero, where $3-thousand dollars was stolen from the Advance Auto Parts. The JPSO reported two men walked in during business hours and commanded clerks to empty their registers and safe at the store.

One man used a silver gun to intimidate employees into forking over money.

A silver gun was also used at a New Orleans East Advance Auto 10 days earlier.

The July 19 stickup happened in the 73-hundred block of Chef Menteur Highway, according to the New Orleans Police Department.

Also in New Orleans, an Auto Zone, in South Claiborne's 41-hundred block was robbed twice, by the same culprit, says NOPD spokesman, Frank Robertson.

The stickup man struck on the 7th and 20th of July, making off with an undisclosed amount of money.

Corporate officials at Advance Auto report their Covington-area store at 950 East Boston Street was robbed at gunpoint July 9, and a store manager of O'Reilly's Auto Parts said last April, the Marrero branch in the 600-block of Ames Boulevard was hit for an undisclosed amount of money before the intruder ran off.