Amazing Locks of Love story

The cause for Alopecia Areata is unknown.  Doctors think it’s an autoimmune condition but they aren't sure, the one thing they do know, the condition causes hair loss. Amelie St. Romain was diagnosed at the age of two.

That's where Locks of Love steps in. The non-profit organization provides disadvantaged children with wigs made by generous donations of hair. Amelie wore wigs donated by perfect strangers from the age of six to sixteen. It's a way to give back say the donors at the Lakeside Mall Annual Cut-A-Thon. Dozens of people showed up with much longer hair then they left with.

One remarkable donor was Amelie, now twenty she mysteriously has a full head of hair. She says at the age of eighteen the hair just started to grow back and now that she's in a position to donate it’s her turn to hit the seat and give back to people who are now in need like she was a mere four years ago.   

If you want to donate your hair to Locks of Love visit their website for more information Locks of Love