After Major Masters Win, Will Bubba Bail on Zurich Classic?

You know Bubba Watson won the Masters Golf Tournament, but did you remember he also won last year's Zurich Classic, here in New Orleans?  Sunday was an emotional and nail-biting win for the Masters champ.  In the same manner as last year's Classic, he once again clinched the win in a playoff.

Zurich tournament director Steve Worthy says, "There were a lot of people in New Orleans who were pulling hard for Bubba.  He’s always fun to watch play.  He hit an incredible shot in the playoff.  We were all very happy to see him win.”

Bubba’s claim to fame is that his swing is all natural.  He’s never taken a golf lesson and he’s never analyzed his swing on tape.  For tournament goers, that makes him very fun to watch.  Worthy says, "He hits a lot of risky shots, he can really curve the ball right or left and he plays a very interesting brand of golf, a very exciting brand of golf."

The Zurich Classic swings into town in two weeks.  From power washing to lawn mowing, preparations are well underway at TPC golf course, where the event will be held.  Bubba already attended media day, but when asked about Zurich after his masters win, he answered, "That's a great question."

Zurich has calls and text messages into Bubba's team.  So far, they have not received a response.

Worthy says, "Just from an attention stand-point, he’s the hot commodity right now so clearly we want to have him here and expect to have him here."  Worthy also says there could be a financial impact if Bubba doesn't show, but he adds there will still be plenty of action, with or without him, when the tourney begins next week.