Accidental Millionaire Rewards Cashier

The cashier whose lottery-ticket-mistake made Robert Thibodaux Sr. a millionaire got a big surprise.

Thibodaux says he made a promise to the cashier at Shop-Rite where he bought the winning ticket he didn’t ask for.

The cashier accidentally sold him the power-play option which turned two hundred thousand dollars into one million dollars.

Quoting Gen Douglas MacArthur he told her, “I shall return.”

After collecting his million dollars at the Louisiana Lottery head quarters on Thursday, Thibodaux went back to the Shop-Rite in Thibodaux where he purchased the winning ticket, “I won a lot of money.  But you know what?  This lady who sold me the ticket is a big part of this.”

Coincidentally, the cashier’s last name is also Thibodaux, Jaime Thibodaux.  The lottery winner found the cashier and said to her, “I told you I was coming back, and I’m back. I’m very appreciative of what you did.  You made me a millionaire.  That being said, I have a check for you.”

The two Thibodaux’s embraced and agreed the amount of the check will stay between them.

The 70-year-old French Cajun man says the million dollars will make life easier for him and his wife, their six children and sixteen grandchildren.

“It's just nice when you got a regular family and you win something like this, you going to enjoy this.  It's not going to change us.”