As the Gulf Coast--and New Orleans in particular--struggles to recover from the horrific aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Extension 720 gathered a panel of experts to discuss a variety of aspects of the tragedy, particularly the infrastructural and sociological challenges that now face the government and residents of that area. Our guests were Charles Dowding, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Northwestern University, Albert Hunter, professor of sociology at Northwestern, and (joining the program by phone) Patrick Michaels, senior fellow of environmental studies at the Cato Institute, Dr. Ronald Hershow, professor of epidemiology at the University of Illinois Chicago's School of Public Health, and Brandon Walker, one of the employees of WGNO, the Tribune television station in New Orleans that evacuated to Baton Rouge. (08/31/05)

Hurricane Katrina (87:41)

Whether intelligent design should be taught alongside evolutionary theory in public schools is one of the most controversial issues in American education today. This conversation between proponents from each side explores the basic tenets of ID and evolution. The participants are Robert Richards, professor of the history of science and medicine at the University of Chicago, and Paul A. Nelson, fellow at Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute. (08/26/05)

Evolution/Intelligent Design (87:50)

Extension 720 goes inside the life of three of Chicago's top private investigators, who detail their involvement in corporate fraud, murder and countless other cases. The guests are Steve Kirby, president of Edward R. Kirby and Associates Investigations, Mike Carlson, president of Probe Incorporated, and Paul Ciolino, head of Paul J. Ciolino and Associates Investigations. (08/24/05)

Private Investigators (86:20)

The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare: 38 Fully Dramatized Unabridged Plays; Audio CD Unabridged Extension 720's celebration of the release of The Complete Arkangel Shakespeare concludes with this program dedicated to the history plays. Nick Rudall, founding director of the Court Theatre and professor of classics at the University of Chicago, and Carol Symes, professor of history at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign discuss and analyze audio from these masterworks, including Richard II and Henry V. (08/18/05)

Shakespeare's Histories (87:54)

Three representatives from the New Coalition for Economic and Social Change discuss black conservatism--its vision for the future of blacks in America and how that vision is changing the modern political landscape. The guests are Lee H. Walker, Bruce Montgomery and Ralph Conner. (08/11/05)

Black Conservatives (87:03)

David Schulz, director of the Northwestern's Infrastructure Technology Institute, and Joseph Schofer, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Northwestern University, analyze the current state of traffic and transit in Chicago. Topics under discussion include transit security, urban planning and land use, and the increasing gridlock on Chicagoland's roads. (08/10/05)

Traffic and Transit in Chicago (85:06)

With the confirmation hearings for John D. Roberts looming in the Senate, Extension 720 gathered Supreme Court experts Geoffrey Stone, professor of law at the University of Chicago, and Stephen Presser, professor of law at Northwestern University, to discuss the nomination and to analyze the recent history of the Court under the leadership of Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist. (08/09/05)

Supreme Court (87:41)

Another conversation with noted classicist and renowned conservative columnist Victor Davis Hanson, this time on the effects of illegal immigration in America. (08/08/05)

Hanson on Immigration (34:43)