Mary Van De Velde
Mary Van De Velde has been reporting traffic on WGN since 1997. These days, she reports in the mornings. She has a B.S. degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Illinois at Champaign/Urbana where she worked as a news anchor at college station WPGU and as a production coordinator at the PBS station, WILL. Mary's followed the radio rules of employment and started in a small market in the North Woods of Wisconsin. While working as news director in Washburn, Wis., Mary met her husband, Steve, one of the announcers at the station. They married and moved on to a medium-market station in Madison, Wis., and then to a Quad Cities station before heading back to Chicago.

Mary is originally from the western suburbs. Since moving back to the Chicago area, she's reported news and traffic at a number of stations, including the Satellite Music Network, WTMX, WSCR, and WMAQ. Since joining WGN, Mary has worked with legends such as Bob Collins, Wally Phillips and Spike O'Dell. When not reporting on Chicagoland's many roads, Mary does voiceover work for industrial and commercial use.

Mary's three kids, Kelsey, Chris, and Will, keep her busy the rest of the time. She enjoys coaching their volleyball and track teams and volunteering at their schools. She's a big Chicago sports fan (especially the Cubs) and enjoys dancing, running, biking, sewing and trying out new arts and crafts.