(WGN-AM)- Gov. Pat Quinn met with a group of women state lawmakers to talk about the budget mess, and has a similar meeting scheduled with suburban legislators on Monday.

Evanston Democratic Representative Julie Hamos was in the first session with Quinn and will be part of Monday's meeting as well. She says her district may be unique, but she's been hearing from constituents that they are willing to pay higher taxes to keep human service programs up and running.

Another Democrat, John Fritchey of Chicago, says he understands that there are many voters who would go along with the Governor's proposal to raise the state income tax, but they also want the state to tighen its belt. Fritchey says the problem with this thinking is Illinois is already running lean when it comes to state employees on the payroll.

Republican House Leader Tom Cross says he's unsure about Fritchey's thehory, and says he's glad to see new issues being discussed in Springfield. Among them, pensions for elected officials and examining state programs that work and those that don't. At the end of the day, Cross says we will see a new budget, but it won't be funded to the full extent desired by Governor Quinn.