TO BOMB OR NOT TO BOMB.....that is the question for Israel in re: Iran's nuclear installations. The related question is whether the U.S. (thru its gaffe-prone vice president) has given its tacit "permission." Arnaud de Borchgrave illumines the matter with some quite relevant memories from the 1956 mid-east war.

WHAT, EXACTLY, DID THE STIMULUS STIMULATE? Rich Lowry of the National Review takes the dour view of the recovery program in which trillions have been thrown at the economy to give it a decisive jump-start.

THE RAW CAMPAIGN TO DESTROY SARAH submitted to bitterly and brilliantly ironic analysis in this article by David Kahane in National Review. The next time someone puts together an anthology of great political pieces, this one should get a prominent place.

LEST WE FORGET THE HORRORS OF MAOISM......and the partial persistence of his heritage, here's a book (and a fine essay/review of it) that should be read to revive and deepen our memory and comprehension.

THE STRANGE CASE OF WARD CHURCHILL......has had a new chapter added on by a Colorado court. Here's the story and the continuing controversy stirred by the revocation of the academic tenure of a truly reprehensible "professor."

A GREAT RECORDING presented here. Nothing less than Fritz Kreisler performing Beethoven's Violin Concerto with the London Philharmonic conducted by Barbirolli in 1936. A truly superb performance!!