WHO HAS THE BIGGEST CARBON FOOTPRINT.......as some of the principal "environmentalists" wend the airways to the great Copenhagen Confab. The London times fills us in with a special focus on the Hollywood contingent.

ROGER KIMBALL HAS STRONG OPINIONS.....and most of them strike us as sharply on target. You may or may not agree but if you enjoy wit with your dose of borrowed wisdom, Kimball may become an acquired habit. Here are some of his most recent outbursts----and here is one of his fairly recent appearances on Extension 720.

IS "GREAT (BUT NAZI) PHILOSOPHER" AN OXYMORON? The question has swirled around the tattered reputation of Martin Heidegger for many years and, on the basis of a new book, it has been given a new round of agitated attention. This feature from the Atlantic reviews the competing positions and lays on some useful links.

AS THE CLIMATOCRATS GATHER IN COPENHAGEN.......the Speaker of the Danish parliament voices his serious doubts about anthropogenic global warming. Will the growing number of AGW-doubters get a hearing at the conclave? Wanna bet?

JANE AUSTEN, MORALIST: This excellent essay about the literary master who was "an eighteenth century, English spinster" is as illuminating as anything that a veteran Janeite might have read or, for that matter, written. Excellent stuff...and a reminder that the world of serious literature was not always given over to the celebration of nihilism.

WHAT DOERS A MUEZZIN DO WITHOUT A MINARET? That problem has now arisen in Switzerland of all places, but it has bearing for the rest of Europe and, probably, for the rest of the century as demographic Islamization continues. These reflections by an American literary person now resident in Norway bear (and get) further discussion.

JAZZ FROM THE ANTIPODES: Here's another fine program of traditional jazz as broadcast recently in and to Australia. Most of the bands are Australian and a few are American and---without a scorecard---you really can't hear a significant difference. Except for the use of the Tuba as the bass instrument.