Englewood LIVE is an outdoor stop-the-violence music concert and festival featuring jazz, gospel, and hip-hop music; comedy showcase; performing arts presentations; social service information; school supplies distribution; refreshments; and recreational activities for children.

On Saturday, September 1, 2012 Engelwood LIVE is holding a fundraiser from 6:30 to 9:30 PM at Englewood High School, 6201 South Stewart Avenue, Chicago, Illinois

Activities for Children: Inflatables, mechanical rides, games, clowns and carnival events.

City and County Support: Mobile units featuring HIV and blood pressure testing; health services; voters registration; and other social service programs.

Admission (including Refreshments): FREE

Budget: We are seeking financial support for the following items:

- Professional Entertainment: $25,000 - Stage, Lighting and Audio Support: $12,000 - Children Activities, Prizes and School Supplies: $11,000 - Food and Refreshments: $6,000 - Security: $3,000

- Promotional Materials: $5,000 - Outdoor Support: (Tents, Chairs, Porta Potties): $ 8,000

Total Expenses: $70,000

If you have any questions please contact Michael Walton, Event Production Manger (312) 296-5920 or revmwalton@att.net