Residents Form Group Against Appalachian Power

Appalachian Power's regulations on Smith Mountain and Leesville lakes have some residents fighting back.

It’s called the shoreline management plan; A set of rules and regulations put together by Appalachian Power for residents on Smith Mountain and Leesville lakes.

The plan guidelines have caused some controversy with homeowners. They’ve started a nonprofit group called Cut Unnecessary Regulatory Burden Inc., or CURB. Interim CURB President Bill Brush says this plan violates their property rights. “We’re here to get our rights back here at the lake. Shoreline management is a violation of due process,” explained Brush. “Right now the shoreline management plan is hurting the economy. Not just for the people who own property on the lake, but it's hurting all the businesses that surround it because of its over regulations.”

Appalachian Power would not comment on the group or any lawsuits they plan to go through with. But they do not feel they're the ones to blame for the stalling in the housing market on the lakes. Appalachian Power Spokesman John Shepelwich explains. “A lot of those properties have not been sold; they have not found buyers and some of the property prices have dropped, as a result of the economy.”

Building docks and cutting vegetation are just a few examples of what the shoreline management plan controls. These regulations have been in effect since 2005.