We open with 4 QUESTIONS that have the same theme.

From Rosie: Well my husband passed in April and milestones are happening. I.e. my son graduated last night...turned 18 June 6...my daughter 16 in Sept..etc. Are they really still w/ us celebrating??

From Tracey: Just need to know if my parents are ok. Thank you for all that you do.

From Ashley Ann: My fiance passed away 3 months ago. I try to talk to him but i just don't feel his with me anymore. I miss him so much. I look for signs but i don't think he's with me :( What should i do? How can I talk to him or have him show me he still loves me and he's watching over me. I just want him to let me know that its okay to live and move forward :(

From Mary-Lynn: I've always wondered if someone wants to get a message through some how they will right?

From Angelina Diana: Rosie,Tracey, Mary, and Ashley, first let me say how sorry I am for your losses. I believe that your loved ones are very much with you. It is hard to go through the milestones without them, feel like they are okay or not find the signs. I feel we have a very hard time seeing , feeling and hearing them because the grief is so strong. Even when the signs ARE there, they pale in existence compared to having them back physically.

Whenever we feel in missing mode, we feel the need for them to prove that they are with us. It is natural for us to what them to show us a physical sign like blinking lights, playing our song or even a penny. But there are other ways to communicate with them and this would be the technique that mediums use and that is feeling hearing and seeing them from within. When you are ready, I want you to try to send them a conversation in your mind. Give them a sign by sending thought, feeling and then using your inner voice to talk them. Keep a journal expressing these gifts and signs that YOU send them. Then ask them to continue the conversation in your dreams or in the physical world. Please stay in touch and let me know how this is working for you. I will be thinking of you today.

I will be teaching this technique at my Enfield CT seminar - Connect and Readings event.

Details here.


From Tam: One thing I am curious about is when you see or receive different signs/symbols in your life and these signs evoke a certain feeling, what is your opinion as to whether these are simply coincidence.

From Angelina Diana: Tam, please read the answer above. If we start the conversation with them, the signs will make more sense and not feel like coincidence because they will echo what we know we asked them. Sometimes they start conversations with us. With those signs we need to trust that what we are seeing hearing and feeling is them and then ask them to validate it physically. The fact that you said "signs that evoke a certain feeling" show me that you received that information like a medium does. Most mediums sense spirit from within. A person who is missing is asking the otherside to send it physically. Switch the process, start from within and feel hear and see them, then ask for the physical validation. Again, I will be sharing this process at my seminar on July 31st. Thank you!


From John: Angelina, my spirit guide refuses to answer this question and I don't know why. People that believe in reincarnation will ask if your loved ones past many years before you pass over. Then how could they be waiting for you if they were reincarnated?

From Angelina Diana: John, I feel that guides do not give us the answer BUT they empower us by guiding us to understand our ability to enhance our wisdom to gain the knowledge to find the answer ourselves. They are put in place so eventually we see how incredible our spirit is and that we have everything we need to be. So your guides won't tell you the answer to this question but they will guide you to find it therefore helping you see your growth as a spiritual being. I hope that makes sense. So when you feel you "get the answers" from your guides they really want you to see how you got it yourselves. Of course they have "guided" but our spark of inner creation or higher self actually found the answer.

What I have come to believe it that we are just a piece of a huge spiritual soul group. That we can not even comprehend the enormity of this big ball of light that we are a part of. So when we cross over, we are rejoining a familiar community and bringing the gifts of our lessons there. We have knowledge of a deeper connection of why we lived this certain life and our soul community gains healing. We are aware of our relationships for this live time. But imagine the amazing love we feel when we know why we went through what we did in each live time. It is a deep love that we only brush the surface of in one lifetime. Eventually our soul group makes a decision as to whether to start the cycle of reincarnation or to stay put and allow this spiritual knowledge to benefit your soul group. The goal is to combine with other soul community as we learn lessons and become even bigger. You know that feeling of just meeting someone and you find yourself saying to them "if feel like I have know you forever". There is a reason for that.

John, I have known you to be a student of this work for ever. I appreciate your dedication. So I want to challenge you to see your own amazing gift of spiritual wisdom. You guides do not need credit for that just a thank you for the guidance!


From Jeannine: I have had such a hard time right now and the "friends" in my house are making themselves known again. I am contemplating bankruptcy, I am having health issues due to the stress. Please give me some light!

From Angelina Diana: First, I am sorry that you are going through stress. Sending you positive light. Okay, so this is very interesting to me! Can you see a pattern here Jeannine. You are having issues and you feel the energy of people around you. When the challenges of the physical world get you down, do you tend to retreat within. If so, you are blocking out the physical world and NOW becoming sensitive to energy around you. Remember they are always with us. So you are probably sensing them like a medium does. They are there to support you. Thank them and gain strength to know you are not alone is this!