Here are the top local stories: A funding report requires 19 million dollars from the Birmingham City Council to fund a domed stadium, a meeting is scheduled for Wednesday in Montgomery between county lawyers, officials and Wall Street bond insurers, a look at how the federal takeover on mortgages will affect the current housing market, fans mourn 'Cousin Cliff' and all eyes are on Hurricane Ike.

Plans for domed stadium funding discussed
A funding report released on Tuesday indicates if city council approves, Birmingham will be giving nineteen million dollars a year towards the BJCC. A week ago when a business group decided the domed stadium would be located downtown next to the BJCC a meeting to move the project forward was formed. For the next five years some of that nineteen million will be used to pave downtown streets and create a trolley car system.

The executive director of the BJCC told FOX6 News ever since the downtown area was selected as the site of the dome the wheels have been in motion. Mayor Langford says it's important that the area surrounding the dome be built up not just the dome itself.

Jeffco sewer debt crisis: Meeting with lawyers and bond companies
A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday in Montgomery to discuss the Jefferson County’s bond crisis. The parties expected are Wall Street bond insurers, JP Morgan, County lawyers and other officials. Commission President Bettye Fine Collins said on Tuesday she did not expect a settlement out of the meeting

Federal takeover on mortgages; how will it affect you?
The federal takeover of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac has potential homeowners asking, "How will this affect me?" The bailout is designed to make mortgages easier to get, and inject some much needed cash into the system. FOX6 News Reporter Emily Luxen looks at how this could affect the Birmingham housing market.

Suspect arrested for intimidating witness in murder case
Birmingham police arrest a suspect on a charge of intimidating a witness in a murder case. Police served a warrant on Billy Williams this morning. The suspect was being transported to police headquarters just before noon.

All eyes on Hurricane Ike
The Gulf Coast watched anxiously as Hurricane Ike trudged toward areas still cleaning up after Gustav, with disasters pre-declared in much of eastern Texas and Louisianans urged to stock up again on supplies. Texas Gov. Rick Perry spurred storm preparations with the declarations in 88 counties, and the National Hurricane Center warned the storm could make landfall this weekend in Texas -- possibly not far from Corpus Christi. Perry also put 7,500 National Guard members on standby.

Fans mourn ‘Cousin Cliff’
Former TV show host James Clifton Holman, Jr. known as "Cousin Cliff" has died. Cousin Cliff's Clubhouse was a television staple for parents and children alike. It ran here on WBRC in the early 1990's. Cousin Cliff's legacy dates back to the 1950's and 60's. Holman suffered with Alzheimer’s disease.