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Top Local Stories (FOX6 WBRC-TV MyFoxAL, video)

Here are the top local stories: A burglary in Samantha leads police in a high speed chase, a Winston County man is arrested for allegedly molesting a 7-year-old girl, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits injured veterans in Birmingham, grief counselors go to Tuscaloosa County High School following the death of a student in a crash, and a lawyer for Larry Langford says he will move to dismiss a suit by the SEC.

Burglary Leads Police in High Speed Chase
A burglary in Samantha led to a police chase in northern Tuscaloosa County on Friday. Deputies said two armed men, later identified as Percy Moore and Lance Simmons broke into a home and started taking things as a 15 year-old girl hid in a closet. She called 911 and described their car. Deputies chased them down Highway 43 until the getaway car crashed. Police said Simmons was taken into custody following the incident and Moore was arrested later.

Police: Man Arrested for molesting 7-year-old
A Winston County man was arrested for allegedly molesting a seven year old girl. Jerry Ray King, 46, was arrested in his home in Haleyville. Police said Ray was spotted trying to follow young girls into bathrooms and allegedly tried to buy a young girl a toy at a local store.

According to police Ray later met a single mother of two and allegedly molested her seven year old daughter. King was a registered sex offender in Michigan but was not registered after moving into Alabama.

Parents in the community said they were shocked that they were not notified of King moving into the area. Authorities said when sex offenders move to another state it takes a while to have them registered since they have to appear at a ‘Due Process Hearing.’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Visits  Birmingham
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Birmingham on Friday to meet with injured veterans at the Lakeshore Foundation. Pelosi said she wants to learn more about the Air Force's decision to award a tanker contract to Northrop Grumman Corp. and EADS. The contract would create 2,000 jobs in the Mobile area.

Grief counselors help Tuscaloosa students in another loss
For the second time in less than a month, extra grief counselors were at Tuscaloosa County High School on Friday because of a fatal accident involving a student. A crash claimed the life of Jonathan Keasler on Thursday. Another student, Houston Sexton, was injured in the crash and was reported to be in serious condition.

Keasler died when the pickup the two teens were travelling in hit an embankment and landed upside down in a creek. Keasler's funeral is expected to be held early next week.

Langford vs. SEC: Lawyer will move to dismiss suit
Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford’s attorney is speaking out on the lawsuit filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission. On Friday, Langford’s attorney Tom Baddley said he would move to dismiss the lawsuit adding Langford is not a greedy politician looking to fill his pocketbook.

The suit accuses Langford of accepting 156-thousand dollars from a Montgomery investment banker who landed millions of dollars in sewer bond work. This was while Langford was president of the Jefferson County Commission.