Traffic Accident on I-459; Four Fatalities Confirmed

Traffic Accident on I-459; Four Fatalities Confirmed.

Arrangements Made for Teen Victims in Friday's Fatal Wreck

Memorial funds have been set up to assist the families of the fatal car crash that claimed the lives of four teenagers on Friday, March 21, 2008. You can donate to the "Baker Memorial Fund" to benefit the family of Stephanie and Lindsey Baker and the "Zack and Joel Memorial Fund" to benefit the families of Zachary Livingston and Joel Swinford. Donations may be made at any Compass Bank. Also, funeral arrangements have been set for all of the victims. The funeral for Stephanie and Lyndsey Baker will be Tuesday at 2:00 at Valhalla Cemetery off of Bessemer Superhighway. Services for Joel Swinford will be Wednesday at 2:00 at Metropolitan Church of God. The funeral for Zachary Livingston will be at 2:00 on Thursday at Southern Heritage Funeral Home.

Assistant Principal Dies

Two schools in Clay County are dealing with a tragic loss on Monday. A hunting accident claimed the life of the Assistant Principal of Lineville Elementary and High School. Gerry Elliot, 39, died Saturday morning. The Clay County sheriff's office is investigating the incident. Elliot had served as Assistant Principal for two years. Counselors spoke to students and faculty members on Monday about the loss. Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 at Mellow Valley Baptist Church. The two schools will let out early for the funeral services.

Walker County Bingo

Bingo supporters in walker County scored a big victory on Monday. The county commission voted to regulate the dozen or so charity bingo halls in the county. That means that they are here to stay in Walker County. People who visit the bingo halls frequently say it is a victory for them, and opponents say that it devalues Walker County. The vote means people who own and operate these bingo halls will pay much more to operate these machines, meaning more money for the county.

John Katapodis Trial

Jury selection is underway for a trial involving a former politician and a major corporation. Former Birmingham City Councilman and County Commissioner John Katapodis is suing Healthsouth over money and property he feels he is owed. In 200, Katapodis started a program to give refurbished computers to needy Birmingham school children. He says that he and former Healthsouth CEO Richard Scrushy had a verbal agreement that Katapodis would get money and two buildings. Healthsouth says the verbal agreement is not binding, and they charge that Katapodis funneled some of the money to a former porn star. The trial may start tomorrow if a jury is seated.

Justin White Sentencing

Strong words in court on Monday as a Hoover man was sentenced for murdering a UAB student. Justin White stood up in court and told Sirrea Black's family that he was sorry for the crime. White was convicted for murdering and raping Black in 2006. Black's father spoke up in court as well, telling the killer to "be a man" and ask the judge for a death sentence. The judge sentenced Justin White to life in prison.

Riley Supreme Court

Alabama Governor Bob Riley was in Washington D.C. Monday. The governor attended oral arguments at the U.S. Supreme Court in a case that challenges his power to fill vacancies on county commissions in Alabama. The case before the high court deals with Riley's appointment of a republican to represent a heavily democratic district in Mobile County.

Jefferson County Commission: New York City Visit

The president of the Jefferson County Commission says that it could be the middle of the week before we know results of a meeting over the bond crisis. The commission sent a financial team and lawyers to a meeting in New York requested by investors. Bettye Fine Collins has proposed using excess money from the one cent sales tax for schools to pay the sewer debt. Collins says she expects some type of counter proposal and that any deal must meet certain guidelines. Because of Collins proposal changes the terms under which the sales tax was passed, commissioners must also get approval of local state lawmakers. Commissioners will meet with Jefferson County legislators on Friday.