Wood Family Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy in Pelham.  Nick and Wendy Wood are the owners and both are trained compounding pharmacists. They will begin to start filling prescriptions written out by veterinarians. They will be one of the few pharmacies in town to perform this service .

What is compounding?

Compounding is the professional and scientific preparation of a customized prescription medication. With a compounding prescription from your veterinarian, a compounding pharmacy can take FDA-approved, and/or pharmaceutical-grade chemicals and compound them into the correct dosage and administration method for your pet. Compounding allows your veterinarian to prescribe a particular medicine, dosage form, or strength not commercially available; change the form of a medication in order to make administration to your pet easier; combine multiple medications into one; or flavor your pet's medication, making it more palatable.

How can a compounded medication benefit pets?

Prepare the proper strength of medication: Many commercially available medications may not come in the strength your pet needs. Your veterinarian can prescribe a specific dosage that can be compounded.

Provide some medications that are no longer available: Sometimes drug manufacturers discontinue certain medications, strengths, or dosage forms and there is no human equivalent available for your veterinarian to substitute. Working with a compounding pharmacy, your veterinarian can prescribe the specific dosage and medication your pet needs.

Combine multiple medications: In some cases, if your pet is on multiple medications, a compounding pharmacy can combine them into one medication making it simpler to administer your pet's prescriptions, and often saving you money.

Flavor the medication: Compounding pharmacies can prepare your pet's medication in a variety of flavors including beef, liver, chicken, tuna, cheese, sardine, bacon, fruits, vegetables, peanut butter, and many more; your pet will think he is getting a treat rather than medicine.

Wood Family Pharmacy
2748 Pelham Parkway