Jeffco sewer debt crisis; squabble over leaked information

Jeffco sewer debt crisis; squabble over leaked information

On Thursday Jefferson county commissioners differed on the impact of disclosing information about the latest proposal to solve the sewer debt information. All of this is happening while commissioners are waiting on hearing the response from Wall Street.

FOX6 reported on Wednesday, that commission president Bettye Fine Collins was upset that information about details of the county's plan came out in the public. The county's plan for solving the sewer debt crisis includes raising sewer debt rates possibly to almost three percent a year.

The plan also calls for bond insurers and investment banks to assume hundreds of millions of dollars of the county's debt. On Thursday Jefferson county commissioner George Bowman agreed with commissioner Bettye Fine Collins that making some details public could endanger the current negotiations.

Jefferson county commissioner Jim Carns, who has been at odds with Collins over a solution to the debt crisis, disagrees. The commissioner also wanted to make it clear he is not responsible for the leak.

Representatives of Wall Street were expected to respond by Friday to the county's latest plan. Carns said Friday is not a hard deadline and more time might be needed.

Collins told FOX6 News there will be special called meeting of the Jefferson county commission on Monday to deal with the sewer debt crisis and possible discussion of the latest plan.