Cruise ships feature a variety of dining options

By Georgina Cruz

Special Correspondent

9:38 AM EDT, April 1, 2013


Variety is definitely the spice of life aboard today’s cruise ships (a far cry from the dining situation in the 1970s when Jeraldine Saunders wrote her book, The Love Boats, and the subsequent movies and television series  The Love Boat based upon her work came along and were credited with popularizing cruising). Back then, there was typically only one restaurant for dinner onboard –bored or not, take it or leave it!). Now ships have multiple restaurants offering different menus and ambiance to suit different moods and tastes. Here are dining offerings on four ships, in four categories (moderate, premium, upper-premium and ultra-luxury) that feature at least half dozen eateries onboard (and in one case, two dozen) so if passengers so wish, they can dine at a different venue every evening of a seven-night cruise (with one of the nights being room service dinner –24-hour room service is available on all these ships on a complimentary basis).