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'Broadway Idiot' Offers a Backstage Pass to Green Day Play

'Broadway Idiot' Offers a Backstage Pass to Green Day Play

The point of assembling Broadway Idiot, a new documentary opening on Friday, Nov. 22 at Real Art Ways in Hartford, one quickly realizes, was to get people excited about the newest touring season of American Idiot, the musical, which commenced in Portland, Ore. on Nov. 12 and wraps in Denver next May.

It’s a movie-length commercial, in other words. But that doesn’t make the film, which follows the cast and creators of the musical from idea to realization without too much drama or controversy, any less fun to watch. American Idiot, the musical, follows three bored punks, Johnny, Tunny and Will, as they leave their miserable suburban digs in search of real-world adventure. Johnny meets...