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Long Island Sound

'Jiggle A Jelly' Exhibit Lets Kids Touch The Jellyfish

'Jiggle A Jelly' Exhibit Lets Kids Touch The Jellyfish

As young children we are taught not to "touch anything" while at stores or restaurants or museums, but the latest exhibit at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk is breaking that rule big time.

The aquarium's "Jiggle A Jelly" exhibit lets visitors safely touch live moon jellyfish, one of the most common species in Long Island Sound and the Atlantic Ocean.

The special hands-on, permanent exhibit of jellies will be open near the aquarium's jellyfish culture lab.

"We've had jelly exhibits before, but not a touch jelly exhibit," said Judith Bacal, the aquarium's exhibits director. "One of our goals is to bring in as much hands-on experience...