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Original air date: March 26, 2007

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    What do you think about Jack using the mentally-challenged Brady in the plan to get Gredenko?

    • He had to. He had no other choice.
    • That made me uncomfortable.
    • I think Jack made a bad call.

    Is the Attorney General going to back up President Palmer or VP Daniels?

    • He'll see that the President is competent and back him.
    • VP Daniels will get his vote. Why not? Everybody else seems to be on the VP bandwagon.

    Who's the bad guy?

    • Johnson, the new guy "on loan" from District
    • Doyle
    • Milo
    • I can't tell?
    • None of them are bad, just extreme.
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What's up with Gredenko?
He tries to call the now-deceased drone pilot, Victor. Realizing that he was captured, Gredenko still wants to go ahead with more plans. He still has two more bombs and only he can get Fayed the target information he needs.

What's up with Fayed?
He's mad that the bomb didn't hit San Francisco. Since the plan hasn't gone as he hoped, he turns on Gredenko saying HE has the bombs. Knowing he can't really move on with his plan without Gredenko's help, he stays with the partnership.

Who is Mark Hauser?
He's does security consulting for energy companies: oil fields, pipelines and nuclear power plants. His company has contracts with dozens of chemical facilities. In the past, he supplied some security access to Gredenko in exchange for cash. Now that Gredenko's running out of options, he calls on Mark again. Mark tells Gredenko it will take some time to download the new protocols. Mark lives with his brother Brady who is autistic, but understands computers. Brady accesses files for Mark.

What's up with Jack?
He's going to do whatever it takes to find Gredenko and stop more nuclear bombs from being detonated. Then, he learns from Buchanan that VP Daniels is planning a nuclear strike against Fayed's country in retaliation. He needs to find Fayed and Gredenko before VP Daniels launches the strike. He has less than an hour to find him before the order is given. Jack follows up on the newest lead: Mark Hauser.

What's up with Nadia?
She's being processed as an enemy combatant. It turns out the drone pilot got into her system through one of the radical websites that she monitors. Her system was compromised without her knowledge.

What's up with Milo?
He can't stop watching Nadia from the closed-circuit television. He doesn't believe that she betrayed CTU.

What's up with Chloe?
She looks for anybody who may have communicated with Gredenko in the past. She makes a connection between Mark Hauser and Gredenko. Noting that they just spoke on the phone.

Who is Agent Kyle Johnson?
He's an agent "on loan from District." While stripping data from the drone pilot's hard drive he finds an access module. This is what allowed the drone pilot to breach CTU's satellite and it proves Nadia is innocent. Johnson gives the evidence to Mike Doyle.

What's up with Mike Doyle?