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Drake Relays

Rescue pup Vincent crowned 'Beautiful Bulldog' in Iowa

The owners of Vincent, a rescued 60-pound English bulldog, aren't quite sure how old he is.

All they know is that their young pup is now a pageant king, having won the 37th annual Beautiful Bulldog contest at Drake University on Sunday.

The tongue-in-cheek contest is the opening event of the Drake Relays, a prestigious track and field meet to be held next week at Drake Stadium. Vincent, a brown-and-white pup who lives just up the road from the stadium, will serve as the meet's mascot.

The runners-up were Meatball, whose biggest fears are garbage bags and limes, and a 1-year-old pup named Daffodil. Meatball and Daffodil will serve as alternates for the Drake Relays...