Ekaterina Makarova

Wimbledon Lookahead: Federer back to work after 2 days off

While every other man left in the Wimbledon draw was busy playing over the weekend, Roger Federer got a two-day break.

He'll get back to work on Monday.

Federer, whose record 17 Grand Slam titles include seven at the All England Club, faces 29th-ranked Steve Johnson of the U.S., as all 16 men's and women's fourth-round matches are on the Day 8 schedule. Thanks to putting matches on court on the middle Sunday for the first time since 2004, and fourth time ever, the tournament is finally back on track after a rainy Week 1.

Back on Friday, Federer was the first man to get through the third round, helped by getting to play each of his matches on Centre Court,...