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Donald Fehr

What They're Saying (And Tweeting) About Gordie Howe

What They're Saying (And Tweeting) About Gordie Howe

Howard Baldwin, former Whalers owner:

"To me, Gordie is a contradiction. I think anybody that followed his career knew that he was a fierce competitor and he was a tough hockey player. And yet he was a very gentle, kind soul off the ice. You just loved to be around him, he always had a twinkle in his eye, loved to chat and catch up. He was a pleasure to be around as a friend. ... There will be thunderstorms in heaven due to its latest arrival throwing some mighty body checks."

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman:

"Gordie's toughness as a competitor on the ice was equaled only by his humor and humility away from it. No sport...