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Hal Earnhardt is bullish on Ax Man's future

Hal Earnhardt is bullish on Ax Man's future

The Earnhardt name is known throughout the country for strong cars and big personalities. But it’s not always about Dale and Dale Jr.

If you’ve ever spent a day in the Phoenix area and watched more than an hour of television you’ve probably seen a car commercial for an Earnhardt Auto Center dealership. Patriarch Tex, now well into his 80s, pulls a page out of the Cal Worthington playbook and sits atop a massive bovine, striding toward the camera as Tex makes promises of great deals. He concludes with “That ain’t no bull.”

And it isn’t, it’s actually a steer (a neutered bull).

Now, Tex’s son, Hal, who runs the 18 franchises, is making another run outside the car world and...