Ryan Kerrigan

Redskins LB Galette back after tearing both Achilles tendons

Junior Galette has bigger shoes to fill than when he last played an NFL game in 2014.

Galette tore his left Achilles tendon before the 2015 season and his right Achilles tendon just before training camp a year ago. His Achilles tendons are now so thick and strong that he went up a shoe size from a 12½ to a 13½, and the Washington Redskins linebacker is finally healthy and motivated to show he hasn't lost a step.

"I'm going to be better than what I was," Galette said. "I'll be able to explode a lot more than I used to before. ... People who don't believe it, I'm going to show you."

Not long ago Galette was one of the most feared pass...