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Louis Delmas

Ndamukong Suh: Dolphins have the talent to be an elite defense

First in rushing defense. Second in total yards allowed. Third in scoring. Fourth in yards per play allowed. No matter you quantify it, the Detroit Lions had a great defensive season in 2014. A big reason great players. Three first-rounders on the defensive line. Two Pro Bowlers. And one All-Pro: Ndamukong Suh. A year later, Suh's in a new city with a new supporting cast. And in his mind, a better one. "I don't have a problem saying this, but I think personally we have more talent than we had in the No. 1 defense last year in Detroit," Suh said Wednesday. Bold words, for sure, that will be heard all the way up in Michigan. But context is important. Suh made a point...