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Leodis McKelvin

Brad Biggs' NFL power rankings

Brad Biggs' NFL power rankings

Last week in parentheses. 1. Patriots 7-2 (1): Tom Brady says key to his success at this point in his career is an early bed time. 2. Cardinals 8-1 (2): Drew Stanton 2-1 as a starter already this season so no reason to believe this heads south with Carson Palmer done. 3. Broncos 7-2 (3): Next time, Brock Osweiler will not be so fast to run and grab his helmet to replace Peyton Manning. 4. Eagles 7-2 (4): Jets fans long for the days when Mark Sanchez was their quarterback. 5. Lions 7-2 (5): Trips to Arizona and New England in next two weeks will give indication of this team's real quality. 6. Colts 6-3 (6): They already have lost to Peyton Manning and Ben Roethlisberger....