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Lance Briggs

Brett Favre honored against the team he haunted

Brett Favre honored against the team he haunted

Mike Holmgren had been on the job as Packers coach less than a month when, in the unlikeliest of places, he got a lesson on the significance of the Bears-Packers rivalry.

He had taken a quick walk to the market to grab a sandwich for lunch. Holmgren was walking down an aisle when an elderly lady stood in his path. He moved left, she moved in his direction. Holmgren moved right, she came right at him with her cart.

"Now, she is like my little ol' grandma," Holmgren said. "Finally, I go to pass her and she blocks me."

"You're the new coach, aren't you?" the elderly lady snapped.

Slightly taken aback, Holmgren happily introduced...