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Greg Hardy

Mac Engel: Cowboys' Weeden loses ground and likely his job after lopsided defeat

ARLINGTON, Texas _ The Brandon Weeden era is over for the Dallas Cowboys, which means Matt Cassel now has the chance to show he is better than Stephen McGee 2.0.tmpplchld Whatever defense there was of Weeden is no more after watching the Cowboys' offense embarrass itself in the first half of their expected loss to the New England Cheaters. Given how the offense played, the 30-6 loss was a smashing success.tmpplchld Sunday could have been a Baylor vs. Lamar-like massacre.tmpplchld What the Cowboys had hoped for in the absence of Tony Romo was a decent facsimile of former Jerry Jones' era backups Steve Beuerlein, or Jon Kitna. Or Kyle Orton, before he stole their money. Instead, they...